Reablement Toolkit

The SSIA has been working with authorities from across Wales who wish to develop their Reablement services and have developed a series of resources within a toolkit.
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Using the toolkit Authorities can self-assess their reablement services and prioritise local developments, as well as identify and share notable practice from elsewhere.

In addition the toolkit provides access to a systems model that simulates potential capacity

requirements and can be scaled to give an indication of the likely capacity required and benefits expected from an optimised reablement service. This is supported by a 'business case' framework which complements these tools and assists in the preparation of a business case for the development of reablement services locally.

Reablement Capacity Model

This on-line resource allows a local authority to access:

  • a simulation tool designed to indicate the scale and impact of an optimised reablement service
  • a competency framework

Reablement On-line Questionnaire

This on-line resource allows a local authority to complete:

  • a baseline questionnaire with the ability to interrogate this by Authority or by question posed
  • a self-assessment tool against a gold standard with the ability to prioritise development areas and plan for change

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